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Your very own yogurt patch.

A truly amazing breakfast now comes in the form of a delicious probiotic yogurt made just hours fresh in the kitchen. Store bought yogurts go through a distribution to consumption process that can take up to 45 days. E.g. Factory production – Storage – Distribution – Store Shelf – Home – Consumption. The Progurt Incubator allows you to produce and consume fresh probiotic yogurt within hours of making it, guaranteeing absolute potency of live, beneficial probiotic bacteria and a simply beautiful taste. 

5 Year guarantee
Multi Region
Electric Input
CE Approved
Energy Efficient
Impact Resistant
Zero Noise
Child Safe

How does it work?

Energy efficient, 100% silent and covered by a 5-year factory guarantee. Just plug the Incubator into your electrical outlet, switch on, pour in 1 Sachet and 1 litre of UHT (Sterile) Full Cream Milk. You are now making Progurt. Each Progurt Incubator is also supplied with a One Litre Incubator Tub.

Every bit as incredible as it tastes.

Taste and texture can be controlled by you. 
If you like your probiotic yogurt thick and tangy, incubate it longer. If you like it mild and smooth, incubate it less. It’s every bit as incredible as it tastes. 


Health food in the Kitchen.

Completely natural, free from all additives and brimming with live beneficial probiotic bacteria. In fact each litre of Progurt contains in excess of 1 trillion
CFU of good microorganisms. Eat Progurt to aid digestion, or as a delicious
and convenient probiotic source throughout the day. Formulated to the highest quality, without compromise.

Directions for Use.

Just plug the Progurt Incubator into your electrical outlet and switch on. You are now ready to make Progurt. 

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Progurt specialises in natural nutritional supplements of powerful, natural probioticsprebiotics and health foods in the form of a probiotic yoghurt you make at home. We specialize in natural probiotic yogurt and natural probiotic supplements for children and adults that consist of beneficial bacteria and are supplied in probiotic sachets that you make at home using a yogurt maker or yogurt machine. You can consume Progurt as a delicious probiotic yogurt or simply by consuming our Probiotic Sachets in water.

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