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Brand Mission

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Brand Mission

Progurt is the world’s most powerful probiotic.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most powerful probiotic and health supplements with absolutely no compromise on innovation, ingredients, quality, delivery speed and functionality.

We strive to bring a positive impact to the quality of individuals’ lives through well-informed food choices and the consumption of probiotics to improve digestion and restore balance. 

The health benefits of probiotics have been recognized for years, but typically people seeking to enjoy them rely on packaged nutraceuticals on offer at their local supermarket or health food store. Progurt is the most innovative, powerful and natural alternative to those products. One litre of Progurt contains in excess of 1 trillion CFU of broad-spectrum probiotic bacteria of human origin.

Progurt offers probiotics sachets, a probiotic yogurt maker along with prebiotics and mineral concentrates. Absolutely no genetically engineered or unnatural chemicals, products, or bi-products are used in manufacturing. All Progurt products are made completely from natural ingredients.

With over 14 years of research and development, Progurt aims to offer the purest and most advanced probiotic and complimentary supplements ever. The results obtained by individuals truly speak for themselves.

Passion for Life

Passion for life is a defining part of the company’s personality.

We have an enthusiasm for life, characterized by a passion for clean air, sunshine, pure water, a healthy and active lifestyle, rest, fresh food, and respect and care for one another.

We believe food exists to be consumed fresh, minimally processed and essentially comes from trees and plants, out of the ground, or from the ocean.

We are committed to serving individuals and the wider community through the highest standards and personalized service.

Progurt is devoted to making a difference to the way you look and feel. Every product reflects this commitment to delivering the very best results for you.

Progurt Office Locations

Corporate Headquarters
Level 18, Central Park  
152–158 St Georges Terrace  
Perth, WA 6000 Australia 
Tel. +61 8 6364 5070
Sales Office
10B, 70 Alfred Street
Milsons Point, NSW 2061 Australia
Tel. + 61 2 9922 2188



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Progurt specialises in natural nutritional supplements of powerful, natural probioticsprebiotics and health foods in the form of a probiotic yoghurt you make at home. We specialize in natural probiotic yogurt and natural probiotic supplements for children and adults that consist of beneficial bacteria and are supplied in probiotic sachets that you make at home using a yogurt maker or yogurt machine. You can consume Progurt as a delicious probiotic yogurt or simply by consuming our Probiotic Sachets in water.

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